Cine suntem?

Who are we?


Paul is a natural-born entrepreneur with strong leadership qualities. In addition to his experience in leading teams, he studied Marketing Management and Event Planning in Denmark.He has organized business events such as Startup Weekend, Pitching Game, and Star Nord, as well as musical events like Blankish. These experiences have enabled him to build a network comprised of entrepreneurs, artists, and content creators.As the founder and CEO, Paul brings a wealth of expertise and a diverse network to the table, driving innovation and fostering collaboration within the organization and beyond.

Sales Director with close to three decades of experience in the field of business development and sales. With a keen eye for market trends and a strategic mindset, Peter has consistently driven growth and profitability in various industries. His journey began in the financial sector, where he honed his skills in identifying new business opportunities and forging strong client relationships. Leveraging his expertise, Peter devised innovative sales strategies that propelled his teams to exceed targets consistently.


Meet Anda, a dynamic communication specialist known for injecting fresh ideas into projects. With a passion for connecting with people and a knack for crafting compelling visuals and messages, she bring a unique soft touch and creativity to every endeavor. 

Her mantra, ‘When was the last time you did something for the first time?’ reflects her insatiable curiosity for life and continuous self-development. Let’s collaborate and create something extraordinary together!

Bogdan is the video editing wizard at Fiuzer. From editing podcasts to crafting animations featured in weekly promos, he makes things “move.”For nearly a decade, Bogdan has been instrumental in helping global brands effectively communicate their stories through captivating visual storytelling and more.